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Press & Testimonials



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I’ve hired many pet photographers in the past, but I’m not exaggerating, Sharon is the best!  She has an amazing talent and she really knows how to capture your pet’s beauty. You won’t be disappointed!  She also volunteers her time at the animal shelter and has a huge heart for shelter animals.

– Stephanie J.


First off…really the only thing you need to know: SHARON IS AMAZING!!!!!   Sharon was great with communication and very punctual. I had never done anything like this before but thought it might be fun. Our cat Meebo immediately took to her and she even brought him a cat nip toy that he started chasing around my apartment. And off she was– just snapping away at Meebo for a while… you can tell that she really loves pets and had such a great time.  When she had probably shot hundreds of Meebo photos–she packed up her camera and then Meebo started playing around and being the amazing photog that she is–she unpacked her camera to capture these special moments of Meebo w/ us!  AND then…she sent us the photos and we were OVER THE MOON!!!

-Megan F.


My husband and I love our dog like he’s our child, but it still had not really occurred to me to have professional pictures of him taken.  Then I saw Sharon’s portfolio because she works a lot with the rescue where we got our dog and I was blown away!  I just knew we needed pictures of our little guy.  Seriously, if you are looking into getting a pet photographer, you need to look at Sharon!  Heck, even if you are NOT looking for a pet photographer, I think you should STILL look at Sharon’s work — it’s THAT good!

-Hayley C.


My husband and I had a great time with Sharon.  I liked her professionalism, and she asked a lot of questions.  As a result she was amazing with our Vladimir.  Not only is she great with people, she is awesome with pets.  She recommended great places for the photo shot and captured our big guy’s personality perfectly.  Sharon photos are perfect.  Every time I look at them they bring a smile to my face.

-Marisa C.


What a great experience! I have two cats, one of which is super scared of strangers, but within 10 minutes Sharon had our “scaredy cat” out from under the bed and prancing around like a total diva! I swear, she’s a true cat whisperer!  The pictures she took are AMAZING!  She really captured the true personality of each cat in a whimsical, professional, and beautiful way. She put us and the cats at ease and was open to ideas my boyfriend and I had come up beforehand.

-Lisa B.


Sharon took amazing photos of my dog this past summer and they hang everywhere in my home and office (without looking like I’m nuts).  My dog was so comfortable with Sharon because she really met *his* needs and comfort level.  She always takes the time to acclimate the pets, especially the shy ones like my pup!

-Korijna V.


My boyfriend and I had a great experience with Sharon and have lots of wonderful shots of our two pugs, Franklin and Paula, to show for it.  Both have very distinct personalities and not only was she able to capture many individual shots of each little beast, but also great group shots of both of them together, and family shots of all of us. This was even despite the fact that Paula is very timid and won’t respond to treats.  Sharon has a remarkable talent for grabbing our dogs’ attentions, clearly loves animals and it shows.  I plan on using one of her shots for Christmas cards this year and perhaps will make it an annual tradition.

-Rebecca L.


It was wonderful seeing how well Sharon connected with my cats.  As if she had no other place to go, Sharon took off her shoes and got on the floor with them until they emerged from their apprehension and saw that they could trust her.  In fact, my alpha Tortie, Naobi, fell in love with her.  She even let Naobi have the toy she used to beckon her with.  She said couldn’t bear breaking up true love.  Did I mention I find that toy everywhere now?  They can’t get enough of it.  Needless to say, the pictures were amazing, and I cherish them dearly.  The children and I will definitely be using Sweet Potato Pet Photos again and again.

-Carmen M.