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FAQ | Sweet Potato Pet Photos | Los Angeles Pet Photography


You have questions?  We have answers!


Why is the company called Sweet Potato?

“Sweet Potato” is one of several food-based nicknames for my super awesome dog, Chubs.  I think it’s the name he hates the least, as he also frequently gets “Pumpkin” and “Cupcake.”  Because he’s been my model for nearly three years and is the center of my universe (apologies to husband, friends, family), it only seemed fitting to name the company after him.


Am I crazy for wanting professional photographs of my pet?

No!  Don’t feel embarrassed for loving your pet like any other family member.  When you have that image that captures the absolute essence of who they are, you will be so happy you made that investment.


Where do you take the photos?

Wherever you want!  I shoot on-location, outside of a studio environment.  I love to photograph animals in their natural habitat where they are most comfortable and will feel free to be themselves.  I can go to your home or another favorite location.  And if you’re not sure or want a certain look, I’d be happy to make suggestions.


How long is the shoot?

Most shoots take between 90 minutes and two hours.  But there’s no time limit for me.  I will continue shooting until I know I have some great shots.


My dog is nuts.  Is that a problem?

Not at all!  I’ve worked with a lot of super hyper dogs as well as super shy dogs.  In fact, the perfect model who immediately does exactly what I want is quite rare.  For the crazy ones, I just capture them in their natural state, and towards the end of the session, they’re usually tired enough to chill out for at least a second.  For the shy guys, I won’t even show them the camera until they feel comfortable around me.  And then we just work very slowly at a pace they feel comfortable.


My dog can’t be off-leash.  Will I have to live with leashes in all of my shots?

No way.  We all want our dogs to appear free and easy, even in public places.  But the safety of your dog is always my primary concern, so I will never ask you to take your dog off-leash.  The magic of Photoshop will make your locked-down furry friend look like the most well-behaved and trustworthy pooch around.  (This is a time-consuming process, however, so leashes will only be removed on shots ordered as prints.  If you want all of your photos to be leash-free, then shooting at your home would be the best bet.)


What is included with the session fee?

The session fee is for the photo shoot itself, prep work to make sure you and your pet have the greatest experience ever, and delivery of a private online gallery full of fun and cool images.  Products such as prints, canvases and books can be ordered at an additional cost.  Most people who hire me do so with the intention of purchasing some kind of printed product that they can gaze at lovingly (and think about how their pet is the best thing ever).


Okay, I’m convinced!  Now what?

All you have to do is email me or give me a call!  After we set up a date and time that works for both of us, I’ll need a 50% deposit to lock it down.  We’ll discuss a location that will work best for your pet, I’ll send you a contract and questionnaire to fill out and let you know of anything you should bring with you.  Then we do the shoot!  About a week later, I’ll send you a link to a private online gallery where you can gawk at a bunch of photos of your awesome furry child.  You can choose your favorites and order them as prints, canvases, photo albums, calendars, etc.  Finally, show your friends so they can be jealous!