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My name is Sharon Hardy and I am a pet fanatic.


Hello!  My name is Sharon Hardy and I’m the photographer behind Sweet Potato Pet Photos.

Some people laugh when I call my dog, Chubs, “my son.”  But many people feel exactly the way I feel – that their pet is a family member just like any human.

After studying film at NYU Film School and working in television production for 14 years, I discovered my passion as a volunteer photographer at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter.  I see every pet there as someone’s future child.  And just as no one would dream of letting a human child’s life go undocumented, I feel the same way about our pets.

I strive to make every photo session a fun and memorable experience.  No studios, no silly props – just your pet being themselves in a location where they feel comfortable.

So are you crazy for wanting professional pet photography?  Heck no!  Treasure your pet while they’re in your life.  Make sure you have an amazing photograph that captures their spirit.

If you’re thinking about booking a session for your pet, fill out the form on my contact page and I’ll email you a detailed information packet.