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Sandy Pants

On a cool, summer morning that looked more like autumn, Sandy and her mom, Kelley, met me at a park in Universal City, CA, just steps away from Universal Studios.

One would expect that a photo session with a twelve-year-old cockapoo would be easy and relaxed.  But with all of the running, jumping, and ball chasing, you would never have guessed Sandy’s age.  By the end of the shoot, I felt as if I’d been chasing around a puppy all day!  And even though mom Kelley is her bestest friend forever, I was pretty popular with my bag o’ treats.  I’m not above buying love with dehydrated chicken…

Sandy the cockapoo dog and Kelley Qualls
Sandy the cockapoo dog and Kelley Qualls


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Kelley - September 5, 2012 - 9:52 am

Sharon is the bestest! She followed this crazy dog everywhere! She took pictures running one handed! It was like watching a samurai movie, only her camera was her sword. And when a photographer is willing to gather leaves for a particular shot, well, nuff said. Amazing!

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